Yazıcı Kardeşler Otom. İnş. Ltd. Şti. has gone into action in Tuzla/İstanbul in 1999 by manufacturing P.V. VALF ( Pressure & Vacuum Valve ) as taking all Lloyd certificates and Whell Marks in order to meet the needs of the marine tanker transport which realizes the transportation of bulk liquid. 

Our company which manufactures different valves in marine sector from 2007 until today, has started to manufacture Pressure Vacuum Valve, Flame Holder, Measuring Gate and the other Tank Equipments for flammable fluid storage tanks in 2013 by name of RNG Petrol Kimya Endüstriyel Valf. San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.  in order to provide high quality and timely service to its customers with its experience more than 15 years.

“Providing the best solution with the newest service” is our most important mission and principle.

“Being a company that is taken as a reference model by all companies in the sector” is our biggest vision and plan.

What we do is the guarantee of what we will do.