RNG MODEL 3000  series of inline deflagration flame arresters are manufactured for safety purposes and that prevent  flames from entering the storage tank and preventing to propagation of flames in piping systems at the time of a fire. By locating the flame arrester in close proximty to the potential source of ignition, any flame or explosion is confined to immediate area.


Testing / Quality

All products are factory tested and fully certified.Designed and tested according to

Directive 2014/34EU ( ATEX 0483 ) and EN16852:2010

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* Size Range : 2’’ ( DN50 ) – 12’’ ( DN300 )
* Standart full from flanges : ANSI 150=RF / DIN
* Lightweight design– Low cost maintenance – Easy handling
* High flow capacity
* The maximum distance between flame arrester and ignition source should not be more than 1,9 meters.



External parts

Body : Aluminium – Carbon steel – Stainless steel

Internal parts

Stainless steel ( AISI 316L ) as standart.

Flame arrester is made of crimped ribbon.

Element design is less susceptible to fouling/clogging.


Easy assembling.The flame cell element can be easily removed for inspection  and cleaning in appropriate solvent solution.No special equipment is required.


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