RNG MODEL 3200  series of inline deflagration horizontal flame arresters are manufactured for safety purposes and that preventing to propagation of flames in piping systems at the time of a fire. By locating the flame arrester in close proximty to the potential source of ignition, any flame or explosion is confined to immediate area.

Testing / Quality

All products are factory tested and fully certified.Designed and tested according to

Directive 2014/34EU ( ATEX 0483 ) and EN16852:2010

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* Size Range : 2’’ ( DN50 ) – 12’’ ( DN300 )
* Standart full from flanges : ANSI 150=RF / DIN
* Lightweight design– Low cost maintenance – Easy handling
* High flow capacity
* The maximum distance between flame arrester and ignition source should not be more than 1,9 meters.



External parts

Body : Aluminium – Carbon steel – Stainless steel

Internal parts

Stainless steel ( AISI 316L ) as standart.

Flame arrester is made of crimped ribbon.

Element design is less susceptible to fouling/clogging.


Easy assembling.The flame cell element can be easily removed for inspection  and cleaning in appropriate solvent solution.No special equipment is required.

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